Maths Puzzle Book
The Everything Kids - Maths Puzzle Book

Maths Puzzle for Kids

The Everything for kids “Maths Puzzle” provides hours of entertainment. You shall get so caught up in the activities you won’t even know your learning. Who knew that math could be so cool? Crammed with games, puzzles, and trivia. The everything for kids ” Maths Puzzle Book” puts the fund back into playing the numbers. This is a brain teaser and fun book. Meg Glen and Sean Clemens worked excellent for the benefits of children. You will be able to found the below items in the book.

  1. Hidden Messages.
  2. Connect Dots using simple addition and subtraction
  3. Learn to Create Magic number Squares
  4. Use division to answer musical riddles
  5. Match the profession to numerical license plates

Why Kids love Maths puzzle?

Most of the maths teachers complaints: “I can’t do maths or Math was never my thing”. Sometimes, students get frustrated. And, sometimes parents cannot help their kids at home. Although, maths understanding comes more to some than others. Here in this book, its believed to get it and should get it. It is important for all kids to get essential skills. Math is not a collection of facts and vocabulary. Math should be a way of thing of solving problems in real life. The everything for kids is a simple enjoyment and fun to learn new skills. Stretch your baby minds and extend knowledge by discovering new ideas.


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