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How to sell yourself

Arch Lustberg:-

Arch Lustberg was an American leading performance coach. He had taught to business leaders, elected officials, associations executives, and top professional of every field. The book “How to Sell yourself” was published in 2002. How to Sell yourself is a clear, easy and simple skills explanation that how your message spread across in any situation. The writer filled this book with full practical skills for the teachers, coaches, and trainers.

How To Sell Yourself (Winning Techniques for selling yourself, your ideas and your message):-

In this book “How to Sell Yourself”, Arch Lustberg says that communication is the major source to transfer information from one to another. It can be different for different peoples. Some peoples understand through ideas, thoughts, emotions & imaginations. And someone can get it through written, spoken, sung and dancing. Marshall McLuhan a Canadian philosopher says that “Medium is the message”. Whatever is the message, if it does not communicate properly then it is not a message or there is a miscommunication. The very basic message of this book is that every time when will be you open your mouth, you will sell yourself. In the same way, if you don’t communicate, then you can not sell yourself. If you do, your message will get across. We always pay attention to the things in which we take our feelings where we invested something.

Here in this book, 14 chapters included. Every chapter includes rich details. It will be helpful for every part of life.

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