About Napoleon Hill:-

Napoleon Hill was an American Author. He is best known for his books on success. He wrote books like Law of success which was the best selling book of his time.

Law of success:-

Law of success is one of his best book written in 1925. It released with limited copies of around 118. It distributed among successful individuals at that time.
Law of success book written in an excellent manner which in inspired to every one that time.  This is a course on the fundamentals of Success. Success is very a matter of adjusting one’s self to the ever-varying. Changing environments of life, in a spirit of harmony and poise. Harmony is base of understanding of the forces constituting one’s environment. Before you begin reading the Law of Success lessons, you should know the history of the course. You should know its limitations as well as its possibilities as an aid in your fight for a place in the world.

Now, although you could get much use from this list alone, it is such a small taste of what Hill has to say. His own enthusiasm for these principles clarity is fantastic.Each lesson in this book related to each other. They are not kept separate except for the sake of organization of the text. These ideas are relating to one another. It is impossible to address one lesson without involving another.

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