How to Save Job by David Gewirtz

How to Save Job by David Gewirtz

About the Author (How to Save Jobs):-

The book “How to Save Jobs” is written by David Gewirtz. He is Executive Director of the U.S Strategic Perspective Institute. Also, he is Editor in Chief of the ZATZ magazines. As per CNN, he is “a leading Presidential scholar specializing in White House email.”
David is an advisory member for the Technical Communications in the University of California. Also, a member of the instructional faculty at the University of California, Berkeley extension.
David is the creator of ZENPRESS, a breakthrough technology for Internet magazine production. He is also the lead developer of the MySQL and SQLite database extensions for the open-source Frontier Kernel project. Here he designed embedded database technology. It is used by more than 2,000 companies and government agencies.

How to Save Jobs

This book is not about how to get a job. There are hundreds of how to get a job book on the market. The problem we’re facing in today isn’t how to get a job. The problem we’re facing is how to save jobs. This book “How to save Jobs” is also not about how to manage employees or set up a human resources department.
This book tells that story. It will help you understand the shocking factors. Shocking factors that contributing to the fix we find ourselves in right now. It’ll help you understand how to think about the problem. And it’ll help you understand what’s necessary to remedy the problem on both sides. And you’ll learn what you can do as either an individual, an employee, a manager. Also, a business leader to help yourself, your family, and your company.

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