How to develop a perfect memory by DOMINIC O’BRIEN

How to develop a perfect memory is an excellent book of DOMINIC O’BRIEN. DOMINIC O’BRIEN is a British Author of different memory-related books and mnemonist. A person who won 8 times The memory Championship and record holder of Genius Book of World for different memorization competition.

How to develop a perfect memory?

How to develop a perfect memory? The author starts with an example of how to use our brain. He says that when you buy a computer to your home and if you have not enough information how to use it then it is useless. First, it needs some information to move forward in order to help it out for you. He says that human brain is far superior. In fact, it is above to any computer in the world because it invented by the human itself. The human brain has a storage of lots of imaginations for every person and put forward your imagination for a reality.

No method, yet, our little efforts and time produce great results. The more you practice the techniques I describe, the quicker you will become at applying them. Have faith in your memory and see this book as your instruction manual, a way of getting it to work


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