Environmental Science by Dr. Y. K. Singh | Free Download
Environmental Science by Dr. Y. K. Singh | Free Download

Environmental Science

The science of Environment studies is a multi-disciplinary science. It comprises various branches of studies like chemistry, physics, life science and agriculture. The science of physical phenomena in the environment. Studies of the sources, reactions, transport, effect, and the fate of physical. Education is a process of development. It includes the three major activities, teaching, training, and instruction. Teaching is social as well as a professional activity. It is science as well as art. Modern education is not in a sphere but it has a long and large area of study. Nowadays most part of the world population is facing different problems. They are studying the solutions to save the nature and global problems. But on the second hand we even today do not try to understand our local problems related to nature.

Environmental Science is also well known as Environmental Studies. Before that, it was the part of the science but nowadays it is a very common subject. The author of Environmental Science has consulted several books for designing this book. He expresses the sense of gratitude to all sources. Also, he has used the instructional material and the sequence. The practical suggestions for the improvement are most welcome in this book. It will hope that the book will prove useful to students and educators.

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