Climate Change and Health (Training Modules) | Free Download
Climate Change and Health (Training Modules) | Free Download

Climate Change and Health

This training package on climate change and health prepared in 2009. Similarly, it revised again in 2014. It is a product of the collaborative effort of WHO/SEARO, WHO/WPRO, and GIZ, Bonn. The training package consists of 16 standalone modules. These are covering a range of topics. It will prove very useful to build the capacity of public health professionals. These experts involved in the management of public health programmes affected by climate change. Professional created these modules which are easy to use. Also, environment and transport sectors benefited by this efforts. One or more modules can use as advocacy material. Thus, it is used to get to orient different target audiences such as policymakers.

Climate Change and Health (Training Modules)

The success of this Climate Change and Health training relies in large part on our ability to engage health professionals. In the same way, by engaging in this learning process that meets our needs. Of Course, the training package designed to achieve enhanced learning outcomes and value. On the whole, this style is important not for achieving learning outcomes. Because of training run over long successive days. Below are the 16 modules included here to learn

  1. Introduction to weather, climate, climate change and variability
  2. Population health and climate change
  3. Policies & practice of mitigation & adaptation – Relevance to health
  4. Assessment and prediction of the health impacts of climate change
  5. Thermal extremes
  6. Extreme weather
  7. Vector-borne diseases and climate change
  8. Water-borne diseases and climate change
  9. Climate Change and Health – Food security and malnutrition
  10. Air quality
  11. Assessing health vulnerability
  12. Adaptation to climate change
  13. Mitigation and co-benefits
  14. Health and the UNFCCC
  15. Disaster risk management
  16. Communicating climate change and health

Finally, communicating the messages of climate change and health is the responsibility of the health sector. This message will help for responses to the health risks posed by climate change.

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