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How to teach Academic/Essay Writing to the International Students?

Stephen Bailey book on Essay Writing

Stephen Bailey is a freelance teacher and writer for English Academic essay writing Purposes. He has taught international students for many years. Stephen Bailey has produced a popular book Academic Writing which covered essay writing. In the same way, he presents a great blend of advice and practice. The advice focuses on what required academic essay writing at university. He addresses different types of academic writing and even includes sample writing texts. The practice breaks down academic writing by focusing on the language. In the end, he takes the international student writer through the process of academic writing.

What is Academic Essay Writing?

International students need to essay writings while reports for exams and coursework. Yet writing good academic English is one of the most demanding tasks students face. This book for academic writing has revised to help students reach this goal. This explains the writing process from start to finish. Each stage is demonstrated and practiced from selecting suitable sources reading note taking and planning through to re-writing and proof-reading. The third edition of this course builds on the success of the earlier editions. Plagiarism has become a major concern in higher education. Academic Essay Writing is a section on avoiding plagiarism.

There are also units on the key skills of paraphrasing and referencing. Additionally, the book includes sections on crucial areas. Working in groups, dealing with graphs, charts, and numbers and giving examples explained in detail. In the final analysis, this provides a range of writing models of both short and longer essays and reports.

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Self Confidence

365 Steps to Self Confidence by David Lawrence Preston | Free Download

365 Steps to Self Confidence

CONFIDENCE IS CRUCIAL TO A HAPPY AND FULFILLING LIFE. It influences your success at work, your family life, relationships and leisure activities. It affects your performance in everything you do. A belief in oneself is without the doubt the greatest asset of all. Even great wealth and fame can’t compensate for a poor self-image.

People who lack confidence and self-belief always underachieve. They’re less adventurous and less likely to get the most out of life. They’re more prone to a variety of stress-related problems. It including anxiety, eating disorders and mental health problems. Low self-esteem is the fundamental cause of most family breakups. Also, poor parenting and relationship problems. Besides, much crime associated with drug abuse. Unemployment, poverty and aimlessness, all which related to low self-esteem. Does lack of confidence hold you back? If so, you’ve made a wise buy.

365 Steps to Self Confidence has structured to help you become more confident. It takes you deep inside your mind and gives you tools. The techniques which have worked for millions of people around the world. All you have to do is to work through and apply its lessons. Time and energy devoted to building your confidence. And self-esteem is nothing less than investments in your whole life. The exciting thing is, no matter what your history and background. You – we all – can learn to be confident, because it’s never too late.


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Environmental Science by Dr. Y. K. Singh | Free Download

Environmental Science by Dr. Y. K. Singh | Free Download

Environmental Science

The science of Environment studies is a multi-disciplinary science. It comprises various branches of studies like chemistry, physics, life science and agriculture. The science of physical phenomena in the environment. Studies of the sources, reactions, transport, effect, and the fate of physical. Education is a process of development. It includes the three major activities, teaching, training, and instruction. Teaching is social as well as a professional activity. It is science as well as art. Modern education is not in a sphere but it has a long and large area of study. Nowadays most part of the world population is facing different problems. They are studying the solutions to save the nature and global problems. But on the second hand we even today do not try to understand our local problems related to nature.

Environmental Science is also well known as Environmental Studies. Before that, it was the part of the science but nowadays it is a very common subject. The author of Environmental Science has consulted several books for designing this book. He expresses the sense of gratitude to all sources. Also, he has used the instructional material and the sequence. The practical suggestions for the improvement are most welcome in this book. It will hope that the book will prove useful to students and educators.

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How to Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan by Mike McKeever | Free Download

How to Write a Business Plan!


Mike P. McKeever’s is the excellent author of the book “How to Write a business plan”. His work experience and teaching careers give him a unique perspective on business planning. He has a BA in Economics from Whittier College. Also, a Master’s in Economics from the London (England) School of Economics. He has done postgraduate work in financial analysis at the USC Business School. Mike has taught classes at many community colleges in entrepreneurship and small business management.

Writing a Business plan is a journey through the mind of one person. Even in partnerships, usually, one person has the vision to take an idea and turn it into a business by writing a business plan. This book is unique to the business owner. It helps to a single individual rather than a group or partnership. You’ll find that the same financial tools necessary to convince potential investors that your business idea is sound. Also, it can help you to decide whether your idea is the right business for you.

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English Grammar Understanding the Basics by EVELYN P. ALTENBERG & ROBERT M.VAGO | Free Download

English Grammar Understanding the Basics by EVELYN P. ALTENBERG & ROBERT M.VAGO | Free Download

English Grammer

English grammar is as simple and straightforward a way as possible. The book inspired by our students. Most of them, were panic when we say words like an adjective, subject, and passive. That panic will be replaced with knowledge as readers work their way through this book. Who is this book for? It’s for anyone who needs or wants to understand English grammar. That includes readers who:

(1) Want to improve their writing.

(2) are studying a foreign language.

(3) are or want to be teachers.

(4) are learning English as a second language.

(5) are or want to be professionals such as speech-language pathologists and attorneys.

(6) Interested in how English works.

The book ” English Grammer” is self-guided and self-paced. It can be used alone or as part of a course. The workbook approach used here will move you beyond labeling words. To help you achieve this understanding, it present information in small steps. To apply each new piece of information in exercises before you move on to the next step.

A clear understanding of what usually works give you a foundation for recognizing. Similarly, English Grammer will clarify English sentence and provide you with a useful reference. You can turn to long after you’ve completed the exercises. Also, it will provide you with a solid foundation for more advanced study. So take a deep breath and turn the page.

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Your Money or Your Life by Eric Toussaint | Free download

Your Money or Your Life by Eric Toussaint | Free download

This book “Your Money or Your Life” is written by Eric Toussaint. It is released in English by Pluto Press in the spring of 1999. Also, it will have already appeared in six other languages. French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Turkish and Greek. For a book that does not hide its hostility to the neo-liberal project. This in itself is a sign of renewed interest in global alternatives to mainstream thinking. Meetings organized to launch the book in many countries. The meetings have provided an opportunity to test the validity of the book’s main arguments. The results have been encouraging. Some significant events have taken place since the book was completed in May 1998. They provide the raw material necessary for fine-tuning the book’s main theses.


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The Organized Mind

The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin | Free Download

Daniel J. Levitin

Daniel Joseph Levitin, an American-Canadian psychologist, neuroscientist, writer, musician, and record producer. Levitin holds three academic appointments. He has appeared as a guest commentator on NPR and CBC.

The Organized Mind

The information age is drowning us with an unprecedented deluge of data. At the same time, we’re expected to make more and faster decisions about our lives than ever before.
But somehow some people become quite accomplished at managing information flow. In The Organized Mind, Daniel J. Levitin, Ph.D., uses the latest brain science to show how those people excel. How readers can use their methods to regain a sense of mastery over the way they organize their homes, workplaces, and time.
Entertaining chapters on everything from the kitchen junk drawer to health care. Levitin reveals how neuroscience of attention and memory applied to our daily lives. This Is Your Brain on Music showed how to better play and appreciate music through an understanding of how the brain worksThe Organized Mind shows how to navigate the churning flood of information in the twenty-first century with the same neuroscientific perspective.



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The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch | Free Download

The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch | Free Download

Richard Koch

Richard John Koch is a British author, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur. He has written more than 20 books on business and ideas including. The 80/20 Principle which discussed applying in management and life.

The 80/20 Principle

What is the 80/20 Principle? The 80/20 Principle tells us that in any population some things are more important than others. A good benchmark or hypothesis is that 80 percent of results or outputs flow from 20 percent of causes. And,it leads to sometimes from a much smaller proportion of powerful forces. Everyday language is a good illustration. We could call this an 80/1 principle. Similarly, over 99 percent of talk uses fewer than 20 percent of words: we could call this a 99/20 relationship. The movies illustrate the 80/20 Principle. A recent study shows that 1.3 percent of movies earn 80 percent of box office revenues, producing an 80/1 rule. The 80/20 Principle is not a magic formula. Sometimes the relationship between results and causes is closer to 70/30 than to 80/20 or 80/1. But it is very rarely true that 50 percent of causes lead to 50 percent of results. The universe is unbalance. Few things matter. Effective people and organizations batten on to the few powerful forces at work. So, they are in their worlds and turn them to their advantage.

This has been the most painful and well-researched book. There is a certain irony here. Since the 80/20 Principle tells us that we could have obtained a book 80 percent as good in 20 percent of the time. This would have been an inclination and the reader can tell whether the extra effort has been worthwhile. The effort involved has been much more collective than for any of previous books.

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How to Save Job by David Gewirtz

How to Save Jobs by David Gewirtz | Free Download

How to Save Job by David Gewirtz

About the Author (How to Save Jobs):-

The book “How to Save Jobs” is written by David Gewirtz. He is Executive Director of the U.S Strategic Perspective Institute. Also, he is Editor in Chief of the ZATZ magazines. As per CNN, he is “a leading Presidential scholar specializing in White House email.”
David is an advisory member for the Technical Communications in the University of California. Also, a member of the instructional faculty at the University of California, Berkeley extension.
David is the creator of ZENPRESS, a breakthrough technology for Internet magazine production. He is also the lead developer of the MySQL and SQLite database extensions for the open-source Frontier Kernel project. Here he designed embedded database technology. It is used by more than 2,000 companies and government agencies.

How to Save Jobs

This book is not about how to get a job. There are hundreds of how to get a job book on the market. The problem we’re facing in today isn’t how to get a job. The problem we’re facing is how to save jobs. This book “How to save Jobs” is also not about how to manage employees or set up a human resources department.
This book tells that story. It will help you understand the shocking factors. Shocking factors that contributing to the fix we find ourselves in right now. It’ll help you understand how to think about the problem. And it’ll help you understand what’s necessary to remedy the problem on both sides. And you’ll learn what you can do as either an individual, an employee, a manager. Also, a business leader to help yourself, your family, and your company.

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Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer by Michael A. Roberto | Free Download

Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer by Michael A. Roberto Free Download

About the Author of Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer:-

Michael A. Roberto is the Professor of Management at Bryant University in Smithfield. He remained in after six years as a faculty member at Harvard Business School. His research focused on strategic decision making processes and senior management teams. His book Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer Published in 2005.

Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer:-

This book “Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer” divided into four broad parts.

Part 1- introduces a conceptual framework for thinking. Chapter-1 includes “The Leadership Challenge”. It explains why leaders should cultivate conflict and consensus. as well as why they find it very difficult to achieve this goal. Chapter-2 includes “Deciding How to Decide”. Thus, it describes the implicit and explicit choices that leaders make to influence.

Part II:- Encompassing Chapter 3 “An Absence of Candor”. Chapter 4 “Stimulating the Clash of Ideas”. Chapter 5 “Keeping Conflict Constructive”. And, Chapter 6, “A Better Devil’s Advocate” focuses on the task of managing conflict. Chapter 3 describes the factors that inhibit candid dialogue and debate in organizations. It distinguishes between “hard” and “soft” barriers.

Part III concentrates on how managers create consensus. Also, we learn why leaders often find it difficult to build commitment. Shared understanding sometimes they find themselves with a “false consensus”. That’s, unravels rather when they try to execute a chosen course of action. process.

Part IV discusses “Leading with Restraint”. It which reflects on how this book’s philosophy of leadership. Also, decision making differs from conventional views held by many managers. Yet, it distinguishes between two different approaches. That is to “taking charge” when confronted with a difficult decision.

Every Chapter of “Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer” added an excellent knowledge. Hence, it is helpful both for Employer as well as for Employees.

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