Career Advice for Life Scientists
Career Advice for Life Scientists

Career Advice for Life Scientists 

This book “Career Advice for Life Scientists” represents selected articles from the acclaimed Women in Cell Biology column. We trust that the compilation will prove even more helpful than the sum of its parts. The Women in Cell Biology traces its origins to 1971. When a small assembly of Yale colleagues determined to organize a gathering. Women attended the 11th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in New Orleans.

The first sustained effort of this pickup group was a “newsletter”—a mimeographed job. In the next thirty years, women in cell biology have achieved enough progress. They make early concerns seem almost quaint. But the challenges faced by women in science dedicated cell biologists. We are proud of contributing to that history. 

Have you ever felt that you did not deserve the professional status you have achieved? Have you the recognition you have received for your career accomplishments? Do you wonder whether admitted to graduate school? Being awarded your Ph.D., offered an exciting postdoc position? Getting a “real job” was a mistake on the part of others? Who will figure that out and expose your inadequacy? If so, you may be demonstrating a classic case. You have as many as half of your colleagues.


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